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What are the 3 types of goals?

The 3 Types of Goals Every Entrepreneur Should Set

What are the 3 types of goals? The 3 Types of Goals Every Entrepreneur Should Set

So, one day I was interviewing an entrepreneur about our goal-setting app.

Surprisingly, he started by asking a question that I did NOT expect!

What do you mean by "goal"?

I looked up and had to think for a second.

I was SUPER confused.

You know why?

Because all the time I am learning and developing our app, but I have not made a definition that clearly.

So, that YOU will have the perfect answer to this question, here are the 3 types of goals every entrepreneur need:

TYPE 1: The Vision

This part may take some pressure off your shoulders.

NOBODY has ever started something huge with a super clear plan figured out.

And nobody should!

Because your goals in business and life may come from a specific situation.

A dream in the night.

Or a problem that you found and what to solve.

It can be a feeling, a picture or a solution, but not a plan.

This is a vision.

A mental video that plays in your head every time you think of it.

It is something you can already see, although it is not real YET.


"I am the best runner on my team."

"I launched my own app on the mobile stores."

"I organize my first festival with my start-up."

The best is to write it down at the top and then build supporting elements that will get you there.

TYPE 2: The Goal

These are sentences that will are more concrete and less fuzzy.

A goal should give you more clarity on the needed END RESULT, the ACTION STEPS and the TIMING of these steps.

These are super important to keep in mind, and the best is to put the action steps right in your calendar.

This way, you can ensure that you won't miss them in the daily buzz of life.


"I sell 200 tickets to our event by calling 50 leads a day from our database before I leave the office."

"I build the sign-up feature of our MVP by studying the tutorial and building it step by step before I have lunch."

The most essential principles with goals are:

Start with "I".

Now, you can take ownership of your goal.

Use the present tense.

That way, you can visualize it in your mind clearly.

Make sure you include a tight deadline.

The closer, the better.

That way, you will feel a little bit of a healthy urgency.

Last but not least, we have the execution.

TYPE 3: The Action Steps

You may notice that we are getting less fuzzy and more concrete as we go down the goal-setting.

Action steps give you the clarity to execute with ease.

You would be surprised how many entrepreneurs talk about their big visions and ideas but never ACTUALLY sit and BREAK IT DOWN.

The action steps can be included in your goals since you can read through them every morning after waking up to start your day with clarity.


"(by) calling 50 leads a day before I leave the office."

"preparing at least 3 chapters of my book before I go out for a lunch break."

The "before" part will make sure you know WHEN you will take the actions.

The best place for these steps is your calendar.

Now, you have all the components you need to execute your dreams and business ideas!

All the best and as always…

Thank you for focusing 😊

EverGoal The goals you love. In a place that values them.

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