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The Most Powerful Habit Your Team Needs In 2021

This 30 Second Habit Could Double Your Team's Engagement


What small habit could your team implement to boost their motivation and productivity for the long term?

To find that out, we need first to ask: What is stopping their motivation to be higher?

The Problem To Solve

The answer to the first question is low goal awareness.

Yes, their busy, complicated, everyday lives prevent them from achieving more of their goals.

What does that mean?

Every time they set a goal or agree on one with the team leader, they are motivated and ready to tackle the world.

They see their goal crystal clearly in their mind.

And that is why their motivation and productivity is high too.

As time passes, we humans simply forget about things. Yes, even about our goals.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s not because they don’t care, but because they are caught up in the rush of everyday life.

Leaders cannot expect their team members to remember their goals by only reading their goals once.

That is just not possible biologically because our brain is partly like a muscle.

Everything we want to keep in our mind needs to be repeated and strengthened regularly.

“Repetition creates long term memory by eliciting or enacting strong chemical interactions at the synapse of your neuron.”

- Dr Gretchen Schmelzer

It’s Not About More Performance Reviews

But you might say that there are performance reviews that already serve that purpose of reviewing goals.

That is true, but they are simply not enough.

There are reviews a couple of times a year, and it’s also true that team members know their goals when walking into performance review meetings.

Guess why? It’s because they read through their goals the day before. And not because they memorised them four months ago when they were sent to them.

If we wait until the review with reading through our goals, we cannot see whether we are winning or losing on agreed objectives.

As leaders, we cannot leave them in the dark like that. Let’s bring more light into this situation.

Busier Is Not Better

To achieve the necessary goals and more, the team needs to get out of the “Hard Work” mindset for 2021.

Why? Because it is simply not sustainable.

In HR, an important KPI is employee health, and therefore we need to avoid burnout.

How can we achieve that?

Start Focusing On Goals

Running around aimlessly won’t get you anywhere, no matter how fast you run.

That’s why forgetting goals have such a destructive impact on the team’s engagement.

When goals are clear in people’s minds, they can reduce tiring decision-making every day.

It is better to decide once to go to the gym for a month than to decide every day whether you go or not.

Studies are showing that the brain physically gets tired from making decisions.

“No matter how smart or diligent we are, our ability to make good decisions eventually runs out.”

- Brandon Oto

This is also the reason why many top entrepreneurs where the same clothes every day.

Image: Copyright Genius Level

With written goals at top-of-mind team members can reduce the number of decisions they need to make in a day, and if necessary, they have an excellent filter to make them.

The critical question that improves decision making and reduces stress:

Does this have an impact on my goal?

So, what can we get out of focusing on goals, besides reducing stress?

Increase Engagement & Sense of Meaning

At EverGoal, we interviewed many HR professionals during our app making to figure out what drives employee engagement.

One of the views most agreed on is that if employees don’t have well defined goals and the goals on the top of their minds, we can't ensure the employees have the clarity it takes to reach a certain result.

It improves the overall employee experience.

Additionally, the number one reason people leave an organisation is that they feel like they do not contribute. They feel like a runner on a treadmill – they never move forward.

Although they do, they often cannot directly see it.

That is why EverGoal’s function, the documentation of achieved goals, is so powerful for people.

They can finally see on their phone screen, what they have created all year long.

They begin to feel their impact and importance in the team and in the organisation.

Focus & Commitment

Every idea in our brain fights for attention. The one that gets more attention is most likely to be realised.

However, every day we are bombarded with ideas, stimuli and distraction. Never before were humans exposed to more information in their environment than today.

There are billions of activities and great ideas that would make work better.

Here is the problem. The team can’t implement any of these ideas in the end because their attention is too divided.

Focus on one until it’s done.

I know, this simple habit requires you to cut the flow of “good ideas”, yet it finally gives the team the freedom to execute on the most important one.

Why Sticking To Goals Works Wonders

Modern psychology shows that the human brain has the ability to recognise important things from the past in the present.

This so-called confirmation bias sounds obvious, yet the business world today mostly fails to utilise it fully.

It essentially helps us to find ways and solutions in the present moment to get closer to our goals, which we currently have in our mind.

It’s the same scenario when you look up your dream car and all of a sudden you see it in the streets every time the same model drives by.

Our brain is a detector for things we already know.

If you then forget about your goal because you only read through it three months ago, your detector is looking for everything else but your goal.

Honestly, it’s pure confusion when you want to progress and move towards success, but then your brain does not know what to look for.

This gap can lead to stress and frustration for the entire team.

Metaphorically speaking, they are rushing through the city and get lost in many side roads, while the team with higher goal awareness is in control and calmy follows the GPS to the destination.

Extraordinary results do not always require extraordinary actions.

Knowing where the focus should be is a massive advantage in our distracted world.


Not looking at goals daily is like wanting to hit the bullseye blindfolded.

If you read through your top 5 goals for the next few months once a day, you have the edge over the 99% of people who rarely look at them.

The next time you begin to feel busy, take a step back and recalibrate your inner detector onto your goal before continuing your work.

Imagine if your entire team would do that habitually and effortlessly. Wouldn’t that be a gamechanger for your business and the productivity and wellbeing of your team members?

If you would like to make the first step towards that gamechanger for your team leave us a message and we will get in touch with you asap.

Happy focusing!

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