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How To Set Realistic Goals?

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So, the other day I was sitting in a restaurant to dinner with my friends.

And when they asked me what I do at the moment, I said quietly:

“I’m kind of writing … uhm … a book.”

They went crazy.

Well, not crazy, but the thought lit up the whole group…

On that day, I realised that a goal has to be more inspiring than realistic.

Honestly, I could have said ...

“I want to write 5 pages of my writing project.”

... it would not have created the motivation and excitement to get the book done asap and present it to my friends and "the world".

You'd better aim high.

Because if you aim low and achieve it, you are worse off than pushing further and not quite achieving your higher goal.

I want to give you something CRAZY in this last sentence.

Here it is:

You do NOT work for your goals. Your goals work FOR YOU.

If they can get you to jump over your own shadow, wake up inspired to give you purpose every second of your day, then you will be successful, no matter what.

So, it’s not about how realistic a goal is, but how much it supports you in your journey to becoming a successful, happy entrepreneur.

All the best and as always…

Thank you for focusing 😊

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