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How To Set Goals Professionally

Science Shows A New Way To Set Goals To Maximise Your Chances Of Achievement


Whether you are a team member or leader in your job, you have probably set and achieved goals before in your work and private life.

You know how big their role is in our everyday activities.

To not just guess what would be the best, you can find out about the science behind goal setting to increase the motivation, performance and life of you and/or your team.

There are many goal setting variations out there. Too many.

To clear up the confusion, I would like to present you a summary of what ideal goal format today's scientists found most effective for setting a goal for yourself.

Data & Stats

Study #1

People who regularly write down their goals earn 9 times as much over their lifetimes as the people who don't.

Because most people do not know about this study (or at least do not act in it) fewer than 1 percent actually review their goals on an ongoing basis.

This may sound too good to be true but it’s common sense.

The quote below by the author and inventor of The GettingThingsDone Method also explains why the study is accurate:

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.® - David Allen

Study #2

By writing a goal down, goal achievement was increased from 35% to 91%.

The written format seems to create not only greater clarity but more commitment to action too.

That means that not only is the way, in which a goals is formulated important, but the frequency of reviewing it and having it at top of mind, that brings achievement.

Study #3

A vivid written description helps you to picture your goal and this, makes you up to 40% more likely to succeed than someone who didn’t write anything down.

It is imporant to emphasise the word "vivid". The 40% increase comes from our brains need to visually imagine or even see what we aim for. It actually releaseses dopamine when goals are in sight.

The Ultimate Goal Setting Format

After looking at these studies we at EverGoal put together the most effective goal setting method. Here it is with an example in green:

I aquire 3 clients

until Dec 30 by emailing 15-20 leads before I close my computer.

This first two lines state the measurable outcome with the specific deadline.

The two last parts remaining focus on the action steps.

The third line shows exactly what needs to be done. (with a range to make it more tangible and eliminate the feeling that the actions that are needed are endless.)

The last line induces habit stacking. This is when you connect habits to make sure you do not forget to act, because the one habit would automatically trigger the other.


Your goal needs to state clearly:

  1. Outcome

  2. Deadline

  3. Action steps

  4. An existing habit that triggers these action steps

To keep the goal in mind, use these 2 systems:

  1. When a goal is written down, you are 3 times more likly to achieve it. So, make sure you write it down.

  2. If a goal is not reviewed regularly, it is simply useless. So, take the small effort the read through you goals in the notes app or your journal. If you would like to use a specific app instead for checking goal, EverGoal is the best solution for you and your team.

We wish you lots of success in the implementation of this method!

Your EverGoal Team :)

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