How Often Should You Look At Your Goals?

The Best Way to Start the Day For Entrepreneurs

How often should you look at your goals? The Best Way to Start the Day For Entrepreneurs

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So, we all have been through this.

We write new year's resolutions on a piece of paper or in a document.

Two days later, we forget about them.

Sounds a little sad, right?

We can fix that with a new habit.

Read Your Goals Every Morning

The reason we forget about reading our goals is that it is a SUPER unnatural habit.

We are trained to read something once and then remember it later.

But guess what?

This does not work with goals…

If it worked, everybody in the world would be happy and healthy because they are so focused on their goals.

In reality, we forget about 50% of what we read within a day.

If you want to google it, it is called the Forgetting Curve.

You might think:

"No, my memory is better than that."

But if you think about it, your brain is preventing you from INSANITY.

Why? Because the latest studies found that humans have about 6000 thoughts a day.


That's a lot to process.

But luckily, our brain knows how to prioritize.

Nobody has to remember how they brushed their teeth 21 days ago. Because it is irrelevant.

What I am trying to say is:

Don't Let These 6000 Thoughts Distract You From Your Goals.

If you get into the habit of reading your goals first thing in the morning, you can make sure that you will achieve what matters to you most no matter how much is going on.

And not many people can say that about themselves.

They are busy with the daily buzz and are influenced by their environment.

But you will be able to prioritize and get ahead with less stress and frustration.

This can be your powerful new habit this year.

With EverGoal, the daily goal-reading app, you can get into this exact habit super quickly.

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I hope this gave you the courage to try it out!

All the best and as always…

Thank you for focusing 😊

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