How do you focus on long term goals?

The 5 Secrets of Achieving Great Results Long Term

Alright, we have to address the elephant in the room.

You cannot focus on a goal for a long time.

Let me guess. This is how it usually goes down:

You set a big goal.

Maybe you write it onto your whiteboard in big, bold letters.

Then you schedule your action steps into your calendar for the next few weeks.

And when you feel most set and ready.


Real-life hits you right in the face.

Okay, all jokes aside, this is a real problem for many founders and entrepreneurs who want to

grow quickly.

So, how can we solve this issue to achieve our long term goals?

SECRET 1: You do not see your goals' urgency because you are not sure yet if working according to them will bring you results.

Founders let everyday things get in the way of taking action towards their new goals because

they are missing something.

Goals need to be tested.

When you have set new goals, it is tough to know for sure whether their execution will work

precisely as planned or not.

Missing results-proven goals is what makes founders procrastinate.

But do not worry, in this article you can learn how to:

Date your goals before marrying them.

SECRET 2: Treat goals like guides, not one-way streets.

A good guide will lead you to the destination that you LIKE to be in.

A one-way street leads you to a place that you THINK you like to be in.

Can you see the difference?

The truth is you cannot predict the future.

BUT you can take action according to your long term goals as long as you feel that you are

making progress towards success.

To focus on your long term goals, the essential step is to take immediate action.

After doing that for a while, you may notice that one thing is working well and the other does


So, you ADJUST your long term goal.

Remember adjusting your goals does NOT mean that you are not competent or not working

hard enough.

It is the opposite.

You worked hard to then make intelligent decisions for the future based on actual results.

You tested that marketing campaign.

You tested that CRM solution.

You tested that target market with interviews.


SECRET 3: Nobody can predict the future. So, set goals based on recent results.

After testing, you can make intelligent DECISIONS.

This means you drop goals that you know won't work, and you set new adjusted ones.

Yes, I said, "drop goals".

These words might feel like a knife right into the heart.

But this is the only way you can make sure you are moving forward and create actual results

for your business, instead of blindly following a random prediction you had three months ago.

SECRET 4: Finding out what works is more important than following through.

Founders often whine about not being productive and focused enough.

Guess what?

You cannot be PRODUCTIVE if you do not know what will bring the PRODUCT.

The start-up community put so much pressure on growing and growing asap when growing

takes a lot of creative output, focused testing, and A LOT of decision-making.

To decide comes from a Latin word for "cutting off".

A decision means that you have to cut off the goals that won't fit your business and set new

ones to help you confirm your theory of where you can grow the fastest.

SECRET 5: Focusing on one goal for months is worse than adjusting your goals, often based on the things that worked in testing.

Do not limit your freedom.

Embrace it and find your way in it.

But to find your way, you will have to put your ego aside and start testing.

Are you willing to try things that maybe will not work?

In the end, it all plays out, and you have perfectly adjusted goals and can enjoy working


Until you set new goals, then the circle starts again.

As always

Thank you for focusing. 😊