How can I make my progress faster?

3 Tip that will Get You Unstuck & Move You Forward Faster

After running my start-up for about five months, I got stuck.

And I hate to feel stuck.

It looked like we were running out of options to develop our minimum viable product.

What did I do to solve this block?

I. Got. Focused.

TIP 1: Focus on one problem until it’s done.

Now, you might think:

“Oh wow, thanks for that. I never heard that one before. ” (sarcasm)

I heard this advice hundreds of times too.

But I never tried to execute it properly.

There is a vast difference between listening to advice and executing it.

So, I tried it, as I didn’t know what to do anymore.

Overall, my start-up seemed never to find a product-market fit.

The problem lies in the word “overall”.

TIP 2: Don’t look at a crowd of problems. Face them individually.

As I began to inspect our problems one by one, I discovered a shocking fact:

We didn’t have as many problems as I thought we had. *sigh of relief*

Looking at all issues at once only induces overwhelming.

Inspect them one by one and try to find solutions that fit them individually.


Don’t think so fuzzy:

Problem: “Our marketing is bad.”

Solution: “We have to work harder on the new campaign.”

Become focused:

Problem: “Our conversion rate has decreased.”

Solution: “Let’s hire a copywriter and test 3 landing page designs.”

I know it is challenging to stay focused but look the problems directly into the eye until they

are solved.

As a backup, if one of them seems to be invincible, ask a mentor, expert, google it, or put it

aside and move on with another issue.

If you come back to the old problem, you will be able to look at it with a fresh mind.

The good news is, you probably don’t have as many problems as you think you have.

The bad news is, you will need to face each problem individually to make progress again.

TIP 3: To make progress faster in a particular area, do less in other areas and exchange that time to move forward.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was just at the beginning of his bodybuilding career, he knew

he also go into acting.

But to make it in Hollywood, he needed to bring something unique to the castings.

So, he decided to leverage his bodybuilding to later get into films.

For that, he first needed to win Mr Olympia.

To make that kind of progress in bodybuilding, he needed to exchange his time taking acting

lessons to go to the gym.

Of course, after getting his sports career off the ground, he then started acting too.

But he tackled one thing at a time.

All in all, it’s all about focus.

We humans don’t have unlimited time and energy.

But we can decide very consciously what to do with it.

As always…

Thank you for focusing 😊