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What Makes EverGoal Different

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Florian Gedeon

Founder of EverGoal

Author & Student at
The Napoleon Hill Foundation

Dr Nora Gedeon

COO at EverGoal
with successful 
corporate experience

Benjamin Gedeon

CTO at EverGoal
Digital Native 
Website and Media Specialist

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Instant Alignment

Make Employees More Able To Serve Their Customer
You can empower your high performing employees with the best tool on the market to set goals in a way that massively boosts their ability to execute.

Lasting Engagement

Keep The Desire On Day 1 Burning Throughout The Year
On the first day employees often get excited about their goals and work efficiently towards them. A few weeks later, they forget the most, feel disconnected from the goals and drop their performance.

The human brain is made to have ideas and not for holding them.

However, only 1% of the population check their goals regularly. As a result, these 1% earn 9 times more than the rest and are more satisfied with their life. (Study by Virginia Tech - Dr David M. Kohl)

If you want your employees to be able to have that kind of powerful focus, you need to get their written goals out of your Excel sheet and into the EverGoal app, where they will be able to check them effortlessly. The app is not a to-do list, habit tracker or task manager. It is the performance booster designed to support your best employees to FOCUS. Therefore it only takes 1 minute to use.

 High Performance

Profit From Constantly Focused Execution Towards Goals
Your best employees will be more able to channel their efforts to the most important goals and by that develop higher goal achievement rates. This provides a massive contribution to the company goals that keep the whole business alive and thriving.


I have always believed that performance management plays a key role in employee engagement which is about keeping teams and its individual members inspired, motivated and utterly keen on accomplishing demanding SMART goals. However, the alignment of individual targets with the company’s objectives is daunting and often lacking a golden thread. As far as I am concerned, EverGoal can facilitate the distribution of tasks throughout an organisation and has the potential to increase a company’s productivity by precisely elucidating how every worker can contribute.

Thus, EverGoal successfully helps to achieve both employee engagement and performance management.
Florian, as a young founder, is very mature in his approach to business processes. He already has great knowledge about what employee engagement means and how to boost performance effectively. EverGoal’s application is an innovative flexible tool carefully designed to achieve goals and track performance along the way.

Janos Filakovsky MD, PhD, MBA 
Former CEO,  Life Sciences Executive

Business Coach, Mentor, NED


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What can the app do?

Guide employees to the professional goal setting process or show goals
set by employers. After goals are set, the app notifies the employee to check his goals with the simple goal check process in 1 minute,
Goals that employees achieve are saved and can be looked at for easy performance reports.

How is the ROI of EverGoal's Impact 

in your business measured?

The consistent usage of the app supports mental attitude and may lower stress in the work experience. Financial growth through higher ability to execute on most important goals is directly related to the commitment employees can show by using the app for 1 minute a day.

How do I give the app to my employees?

We recommend giving access to the app to your best-performing people
because they are more likely to participate and create better results through higher focus. To support your employees on their way to focus on their goals, the EverGoal team can do complimentary accountability and guide sessions to help them get the most out of the system.

Where is the data stored?

Everything that is entered into the app is instantly encrypted and 
safely stored in our cloud-hosted database with pythonanywhere.

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