The To-Do List That Writes Itself

EverGoal is a new AI app that can write realistic to-do lists tailored to your goals in seconds.


Why A To-Do List Generator?

Get Completely
New Ideas
You can find out how to reach your goal, even if there is nothing similar on the web
Skip Hours of Research
You can skip hours of researching about how to achieve your goal
Relax Your Thumbs
You won't need to fill out endless to-do list entry forms yourself anymore

Examples From Our Users

These custom goals and plans were created with the help of artificial intelligence.
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Find the key activities to pursue

The days of not knowing whether you are going after the right task are over. EverGoal generates to-do lists specifically for your life-situation and uses common sense and research to figure out which task makes the most sense to pursue.

Let Artificial Intelligence plan your success

What would you do, if you could find out in seconds how to do anything you want. With EverGoal you can skip hours of researching about how to achieve your goal. This AI is capable of giving you answers that are not even on the web. So, use it responsibly.

Keep track of progress with perfectly-timed reminders

EverGoal is for the doers, not the dreamers. That is why we regularly check in with you about your progress. Years of experiments with our app showed the most effective reminder-cycle, which you will get access to.

Meet The Team

Hi, we love talking to our users, and we're here to support you any time.
We founded our bootstrapped start-up in Austria in 2020.
Florian Gedeon


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Author & Certified Science
of Success Trainer


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with successful

corporate experience


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Digital Native
"No-Code" Development Expert

Meet Our Board Member

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Angela Weston

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I am a commercial professional with over twenty years of experience with, and contacts from, a wide range of healthcare industry and related services companies, most recently as Chief Commercial Officer for PM Holdings. I have a broad range of experience across a range of commercial disciplines.

What Leaders Say About Us

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Janos Filakovsky

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MD, PhD, MBA, Former CEO,  Life Sciences Executive, Business Coach, Mentor, NED
"EverGoal successfully helps to achieve
both engagement and performance."

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