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shows or reads
your goals out to you daily.

Introducing the end of start-up founder's overload.
With our science-backed templates & habit-forming app,
you can set inspiring goals and read / listen to them daily.
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Young entrepreneur or start-up founder? Enjoy reading about self-development? Got goals you want to achieve? If yes, then welcome!
Whether you want to be more focused, live less hectically, or finally wake up inspired. EverGoal is the best place to set your goals, so you're more likely to achieve them. With constant focus, you can also implement more
in your business than you ever thought possible.

Your powerful
new habit.

With EverGoal, you can get into the habit of reading / listening to goals super quickly since you can experience all elements of scientifically proven habit formation.

Daily Read

Focus Level

Focus Friends

Right after you wake up, you can enjoy coming back to your visions and goals
first thing in the morning. That way,
you can start your day with the ideas in mind that matter to you most.
We are introducing the metric of the future. Focus Level shows you the percentage of your goals you actively have in mind. It is also known as the Forgetting Curve. Now, you can see how clear your future is in your mind.
Together is better. By getting your friends on board, you can ensure that someone will be there for you if you find it hard to keep going. Or you can become the motivator and supporter of your friends.
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Become an early adopter.

Since we are in beta testing, the app is available to the first 40 entrepreneurs.

Powerful templates

Remember the last time you looked at your goal and didn't feel anything?
We can solve that. In the app, we will give you an inspiring and powerful template with which you can formulate your goals so that they have the highest chance of being achieved. 

Your secret advantage

Most entrepreneurs have set goals for themselves, yet 99% of them forget most of their goals only a few days later. Not you. You form the powerful new habit of reading/listening to your goals first thing in the morning to start the day inspired and focused. EverGoal automatically creates a clear overview and short audio file from your goals.

No goal tracking

We don't believe in tracking everything you do. It drains entrepreneurs of their creative and experimental spirit. Science shows that it's not the tracking that is boosting your results. It's the goal that's at the top of your mind. That's why every time you read your goals, we show you how fresh they are in your mind with the Focus Level. Now, you are more likely to take action on the goals you love. 
Get famous, inspiring quotes daily.
Invite your friends to stay focused together. 
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Meet the team.

Hi, we love talking to our users, and we're here to support you any time.
We founded our bootstrapped start-up in Austria in 2020.
Florian Gedeon


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Author & Student at
The Napoleon Hill Foundation


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with successful

corporate experience


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Digital Native
No-Code Expert

Meet our board member.

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Angela Weston

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I am an astute, medically trained, commercial professional with over twenty years of experience with, and contacts from, a wide range of healthcare industry and related services companies. For the past sixteen years I have achieved great success supporting and leading Global Clinical Contract Research Organisations (CRO) and Pharma and Medical device companies serving in senior commercial roles, most recently as Chief Commercial Officer for PM Holdings.

I have a broad range of experience across a range of commercial disciplines within the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, medical device and software solutions sectors and an extensive range of more clinical/patient focused skills from my training as a clinical nurse specialist and paramedic. I am a UK citizen and have travelled widely all over the world on business and for pleasure and have lived both in the UK and the US.

What leaders say about us.

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Janos Filakovsky

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MD, PhD, MBA, Former CEO,  Life Sciences Executive, Business Coach, Mentor, NED
"EverGoal successfully helps to achieve
both engagement and performance."
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Become an early adopter.

Since we are in beta testing, the app is available to the first 40 entrepreneurs.

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